Our story

Have you been one of those people where ideas come and go?

This is something you might be able to relate to, for years I have searched for a simple notepad or planner where I could write down my ideas. I soon realised noting it down isn’t enough, you have a title for a book but where is the rest?

If you are a dreamer, go-getter, side hustler or entrepreneur of the future I hope this book and framework are for you. We are not programmed nor do we have the time to take on every idea at once, yet it could only take one thought to change your life.

The whole concept of noting down your ideas is to consider them in the future and to ask yourself, is this the next idea I wish to explore?

It often amazed me, however, all these “ideas books or planners” are glorified notepads and offered no support or attempt at a thought process for the user.

But the big question is always of what do I do next, how do I know if this is a good idea?

They say time is money and that time is precious, so let’s help ourselves by noting down ideas when they come but then being able to come back to a methodology to develop the idea further and really expand and refine the idea in order to better evaluate them.

There is a lot of thought and reasoning behind the framework and processes developed in this approach, you may recognise some subtle adaptions from a number of tools and paths of thought from the business strategy world hidden away.

But most importantly our experiences working with start-ups and business owners over our lifetimes. There are some things that you can’t read in a book.

Now this nor any other methodology can tell you this is factually the best idea and you are guaranteed to be successful. Our aim is to provide a framework for users to better understand more widely their ideas before taking that big leap of faith.

Community is so important to us during our journey so far and indeed many others, so please do share your progress with us through this website and social media we love hearing your success stories!